Spring Cleanup

Spring is a time for renewal and rejuvenation. When we come of the winter looking forward to the warm sun on our skins and the fun of outdoor activities.

It’s also time to cleanup up from the mess of winter as well. Spring Cleanups are not easy tasks. We can do that for you. We at Great Lawns are ready to do your cleanup. We have the tools and equipment to get it done in a timely manner.

When we do a spring cleanup we do the following:
Blow Landscape beds and remove the debris from window wells, lawns, flower and shrub beds.
Rake up or blow snow mold spots (if necessary).
We Tarp the debris to the street.
We Load Leaf and Debris into dump trucks or trailers and remove it from the site an dispose of it.

When we are done, all of the hard work of spring renewal is done and you will feel rejuvenated because you didn’t have do it!

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One thought on “Spring Cleanup

  1. Hi Harry:
    The spring clean-up guys were at my house about 2:00 P. M. They didn’t do as good a job as last year. I don’t expect perfection but too much of the debris was left. A lot of twigs and branches were left, particularly on the eastern side of the house and the eastern boulevard. The debris is too big for the lawn mowers especially if you are not bagging. And remember, I have been serviced with the lighter mowers.

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