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NEW COVID-19 Update 4-14-20


Do to the Covid-19 Stay at home Executive Order We have not been able to work and haven’t received any support from the Governor or the federal Govt., through the SBA or bank.

We have some announcements
to make as we prepare for the upcoming season.
We are living in unprecedented times and there are still many questions that should be
asked but it appears we will have to wait for more courageous people to do that.
My point is to inform you of our plans and how we hope they will play out. The current Executive Order was extended until 4-30-20.
That means we should be able to start work on 5-1-20.
That is our plan and intention. We are aware of other municipalities not enforcing the Executive Order but Troy has made a statement that they will enforce the EO and any company caught working at this time will face steep penalties, fines, criminal charges and loss of license.

  1. We are preparing to start on 5-1-20 unless there is a change in designation.
  2. We will use protocols provided by the CDC plus we will require crews to bring their own food so to not have to stop at a store or drive thru.
  3. Each member will be tested daily for fever.
  4. Trucks will be cleaned daily with approved materials.
  5. Crews will be given Masks and gloves to wear while in trucks and traveling from site to site.
  6. Some crews may travel individually in separate trucks when possible
  7. Each person in each crew will be assigned their tools based on the tools serial number. They will use the same tool for task needed or as required and not switch them between team members to protect other crews or members of other teams. This will be the policy going forward for equipment maintenance protection.
  8. Once we begin, We will be working 7 days until we can get caught up and systems
    running smoothly. The Executive Order has not only cost us tens of thousands of dollars every week But has made it difficult to make any purchasing decisions.
  9. We will also be requiring payment immediately after service. If we don’t have your email address, please get it to us. We will be sending a pre-notification email, a post notification email and we will leave behind a note to ensure you know we were there and we can ensure quick payment. I have never had to do this before but it’s necessary. We need you support. It will take some time to get things back to some kind normal.
  10. We are also reviewing other options available to us to have a smooth start to the season.
New Leave Behind Postit.
  •  This is the note we will post on your door. We will mark the service we performed, date it and at the bottom it explains that you must pay by the next visit or we wont’ be back. The reason for this is that we cannot operate for weeks because of the losses we have already sustained and our system is now setup up so if payment isn’t made it won’t show up on our work schedules. This will be the new norm going forward. This will help get us through this difficult time as we provide your services and we need you support for this. Heather will be calling to help get your account setup before the 30th or you can email us so we can send you a portal link and you can setup your account or call Heather at the office to get your account setup.

COVID-19 Update

We, like many others, are not considered essential and therefore are unable to be out performing any of our normal tasks we are usually doing like, Spring Cleanups and Areations, even mowing now, at this time at your property. We hope this will change soon. We appreciate the patience and support of our customers at this time and as soon as we are able, we will be out and get the work done. We will be doing Cleanups probably at the same time we need to be mowing. So if we arrive to mow but haven’t done your cleanup yet and you paid we will still be there soon after to get the cleanups done.

Be safe, Follow the Guidelines and remember “this to shall pass”.
We are in this together.

Thank You!
Have a Great Day!
Harry Mazei
Great Lawns
Office 248-797-1494
“Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better man/woman”

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