Landscape Tips For Water Conservation

As the years roll by, it seems that drought conditions are becoming normal, therefore we must become more water conscious. Water conservation is no accident, it is the responsibility of each and every property owner. With that in mind, here are a few recommendations.n

Water, Water, Water the source of life

Tip #1

Plants should have a 2”-4” thick cover of fine textured mulch such as triple shredded Hardwood, cedar or other premium shredded mulches.  These types of mulch do a better job of conserving moisture than course textured mulches.

Tip #2

Always have a ring of mulch around trees or shrubs that are planted in a lawn area.  The root system usually extends to the drip line of the tree or shrub foliage canopy.  This mulch ring conserves moisture and greatly reduces competition for water from weeds.  It will prevent damage to the tree trunk from mowers or string trimmers used during lawn maintenance operations. Mulch also provides continuous nutrients needed by plants as it decomposes.

Tip #3

Use Drip line or “low pressure, low volume” for irrigating your landscape beds. This irrigation applies water directly to the base or roots of plants. These drip lines also reduce the amount of water that can be wasted by evaporation when it’s hot like today. These systems are ideal for watering individual plants and smaller landscape areas slowly and precisely.

Tip #4

Check the soil. In your landscaping, check areas around your plants by removing some mulch at the edge of the plants foliage canopy to see if it’s dry or moist. You can also check your lawn soil as well. Remember we water soil not plants and grass to keep them healthy and green.